We have learned that for several months disrespectful people selling dogs or cats, by classified ads, are claiming to use, among others, the services of Nice Pet Travel.  We are not affiliated, nor endorse sites or make sales of pets. Our activity is solely focused on providing you and your pet the best transportation service, directly to you.

Beware of scams on the Internet.

– 24 September 2019

Theo Plaggenburg

We have been residents in Dubai for the last 25 years and travelled with Theo between Nice and Dubai on many occasions.   Thanks to Valerie’s efficiency and thoroughness, we have never encountered any problems and the little fellow always made it home safely and happily.  Thank you so much Valerie for your support.


Efficiency and thoroughness

After being separated from our two cats, Maki and Yuki for over 9 months due to COVID-related travel restrictions, we were reunited in December 2020, in large part thanks to Valérie and Nice Pet Travel.

Valérie and Nice Pet Travel were recommended to us by someone who had found themselves in the same situation as us (living in Vietnam with their pets stuck in Europe) and they did not disappoint. After weeks of trials and tribulations (flights canceled at the last minute, airlines being anything but helpful, etc.) we finally got our cats back and, unlike traumatizing previous travel experiences, they arrived calm and composed. We have to thank Nice Pet Travel for this. Their patience and love for animals showed all the way and made the trip and the wait worth it!

I can’t recommend them enough if you find yourself having to relocate pets across the world!


Yuki and Maki calm and composed